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Look good and feel better after delivery with Solidea Recovery Shorts.

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Solidea Recovery Shorts provide medical compression to aid your recovery following childbirth.  Made in Italy these shorts support sit high on the waist to support your lower back, pelvis, abdominal muscles (DRAM) and pelvic floor preventing complications following pregnancy and delivery.  Suitable following vaginal and Caesarian deliveries.

The patented 3D wave fabric provides support to minimise pain and swelling without compromising the thickness and breathability of the material.  Recommended by Obstetricians and Physiotherapists.

Not to be worn during pregnancy.

  • Supports the lower & upper back
  • Helps stimulate your core muscles
  • Eliminates excess fluid & toxins
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Helps to get your pre body back in shape faster
  • Provides an even 12mmHg
3d_wave 3D Wave Knit
Whittles away inches, firms, tones and energizes using our patented body-sculpting fabric technology.
balanced_uniform Balanced Uniform Compression
Refocus and retrain muscles for peak sports performance. Protect joints from injury and fatigue. Relieve stress and pain.
Silver Ions Technology
The fresh modern solution to bacteria, odor and microbial buildup.


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