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Sheer support pregnancy stockings support your belly and tired legs!
The Solidea Pregnancy sheer stockings with their non-constricting, soft belly pouch and built in pelvic support belt offer a superior fit and feel whilst providing a medical graduated compression of 18/21 mmHg to help your tired legs.

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These amazing Solidea 140 sheer Pregnancy stockings were designed and created to provide the ultimate in comfort, fit, style and health for your lower body whilst offering coverage and support to your expanding belly.

Providing a medical class 1 graduated leg compression of an 18/21mmHg they effectively sooth and prevent ankle swelling and water retention whilst helping with unsightly varicose and spider veins, a high risk during and after pregnancy. The expandable soft tummy control with its special built-in pelvic support belt, which offers a lift to the load taking pressure off your bladder and pelvis, provides not only excellent support and added protection to your growing belly but superior support to your upper and lower back and your leg care needs.

The gentle inclusion of the non constricting comfort waist-band, which sits up high, is flat lock stitched providing added support. The exclusive wave knit cotton padded soles, placed below the feet, are added to provide a massage and relief to the feet with every step. There is also a cool cotton hygienic gusset for all day freshness.

Made in Italy these glamorous Ccl.1 medical stockings also offer a lace thigh high support feature to ensure you continue to look and feel great through-out your pregnancy!

  • Tummy expands with you
  • Freshness through-out the day
  • Helps with leg fatigue and leg pain
  • Assists with poor circulation and swelling
  • Reduces water retention
  • Supports the upper & lower back
  • Assists with pregnancy related Spider and Varicose Veins/  Varicose Veins & vulval varicosities
  • Pelvic instability
  • Sciatica
sanitized_moisture Sanitized Moisture Wicking Fabric Technology
The no-sweat solution to perspiration and odor control.
graduated_compression Graduated Compression
Give tired, aching legs a rush of renewed, youthful energy. Hugs legs in all the right places to boost circulation.


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