Yes! Solidea offers various levels of medical grade compression depending upon the garment and the compression level is always listed on the Solidea packaging. Medical compression begins at an even 12mmHg and is important to help with medical needs. For further information please talk to your health professional or our team.

Some women suffer from valvul varicosities and varicose veins of the upper leg
during pregnancy and our research has shown that having the legs a little shorter provides effective support and comfort to the groin and upper thigh area. The leg length is designed to maximise the compression to assist with these concerns and to help stop the shorts from moving up.

Solidea Pregnancy Shorts are built in a custom Solidea factory in Milan Italy to extremely high production and quality control systems. A combination of medical grade compression, patented micro-massage fabric and an extensively researched design make our shorts superior. Components of the shorts fit like a second skin due to the anatomical shape and its extra soft expandable tummy is built for extra comfort with nil compression. The built in medical compression to the key areas, promotes blood circulation, reduces water retention whilst supporting the upper thigh and groin. Other garments simply cannot match what Solidea are able to offer here.

We suggest you wear them through-out your Pregnancy for as long as they benefit you. Most of our Mums start wearing these from 17 weeks, however, please refer to your needs to when you begin wearing them and the advice of your Health professional. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

Most of our Mums wear the Solidea Pregnancy Shorts & stockings most of the day, especially if they are working / on their feet or are experiencing discomfort. The shorts are worn under everyday clothing providing support and comfort with every step, virtually invisible to others. So they are able to be worn all day if need be. We do not recommend wearing the shorts or stockings to sleep in. We suggest you consider our Pregnancy night wellness thigh high stockings for sleeping.

No you should not! With the medical grade compression in the shorts it is best not to wear the shorts if you are suffering with lower leg varicose veins.  Our Pregnancy Stockings are the better option for you. Our team can help you with what is best for your needs. Please note: If you require a Class 2 or above you will need a doctor’s referral to purchase.

Some like to wear these from day 1 following the birth. I suggest waiting a few days allowing the fluid / swelling to subside. Unless advised by a health professional for a medical condition you may have, I suggest you wait 4 days before wearing. Both are perfect for either a caesarean or vaginal birth – Both extremely breathable and comfortable.

The length of time varies depending upon your needs. Most of our Mums wear both for a number of weeks to help get their body back. Even after you have your body back, you are able to continue to wear the Recovery Shorts or the abdominal band to that special function as they are flat lock stitched to enhance your figure with a shaping and modelling effect.

No, absolutely Not! Both of these are for after you give birth. Must not be worn during Pregnancy.

Solidea Recovery Shorts are built in a custom Solidea factory in Milan Italy to extremely high production and quality controls. A combination of medical grade compression, patented micro-massage fabric and an extensively researched design make our Solidea Recovery Shorts superior to others. The built in medical compression promotes blood circulation, reduces water retention and supports the body to get you back in shape. Other garments simply cannot match the technical and innovative design features of Solidea.

Yes, they should feel tight. That’s the medical grade compression. Not tight enough that you feel restricted but tight enough to stimulate your core muscles. Both will adapt to your shape after a few wears. If unsure on your size or need please call our team.

Yes, absolutely! Both are extremely breathable and suitable. The Solidea recovery shorts have a special bacteriostatic silver ion yarn which controls bacteria profilation, prevents bad odours and allows natural transpiration of the skin. It also has a hygienic gusset and a flat seem. Unlike Lycra garments, our Recovery Shorts will not rub or create sweat and irritate these areas.

Quite Easily! When fitting we suggest you wear gloves. This will help stop snags and pulls. When machine washing we suggest placing in a delicate bag and lay flat to dry, out of direct sunlight. If you need to hang dry, please use plastic pegs so you don’t damage the garment.

Yes we have listings. Please see our TGA listing details in the Customer service section and for copies of either, please contact us.

All Solidea garments are manufactured in a purpose built Solidea owned and operated factory in Castel Goffredo, just outside of Milan Italy. They use only the best raw materials sourced from all around Europe.

Yes! Solidea has completed studies to show the effectiveness of our compression garments. Please contact our team to request.

Yes! Some styles have many colour options. Our Pregnancy Shorts come in three colour options and our Recovery shorts come in two. Our stockings can be special ordered in different colours as well.

The better question is why are other brands so expensive?! At Solidea, we do everything we can to keep costs down to ensure our garments are affordable for every mum. This includes lower budgets on marketing and celebrity endorsements so we can pass the savings back to you.