The Solidea range is proudly brought to the Australasian market by Asherah Health Pty Ltd. In an exclusive distribution arrangement, Asherah Health has re-launched the global Solidea Pregnancy Range to ensure that all Australian Mum’s can get access to the fantastic range of Solidea garments.

There were many reasons Asherah wanted to represent the Solidea range, but the pregnancy range was a key part of the decision. After seeing firsthand how many expecting mothers experience pain and discomfort during and after pregnancy, we wanted to secure a brand that would allow us to support mums through what should be the happiest time of their lives. Solidea provides a unique range of products to help mums through the pregnancy period and beyond.


To be the leading supplier of superior Pregnancy and Recovery shorts. Helping women nationally and internationally experience Pregnancy, Recovery and beyond in comfort and with ease.


To ensure Mum’s in Australia have access to high quality, proven medical garments at an affordable price.


  • We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in delivering a superior range
  • We foster team work and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • We deliver innovation, continuous support and superior quality
  • We maintain personal integrity & Fairness
  • We are always Caring and we are Supportive
  • Our strong work ethic is driven by passion, empathy, enthusiasm and our commitment to deliver results!


“Simply the Better CHOICE in Pregnancy & Recovery” – SOLIDEA!

Managing Director of Asherah Health

The Director of Asherah health, Di Reynolds, has over 25 years of retail and wholesale experience working with household brands such as Merrell, Speedo, Pacific Brands and Nike. Dianne’s varied experience provides the ability to work with retail partners on all levels to deliver a unique service proposition. Most of all, as a mother of three boys, Di has a strong empathy for what Mum’s are going through when facing pregnancy or recovery.

For further details on Dianne, see below. For further details on Asherah Health, please go to www.asherah.com.au


Interview With Di Reynolds

I’ve been involved in retail and wholesale for many years, representing some major brands. But I’ve always had a passion for helping people. Asherah Health was created so we could find brands and products that can really make a difference in people’s lives.

Solidea is an exceptional global company that has an incredible range available to change and Empower women, helping them through exciting and (in some cases) vulnerable times in their life – I love being a part of that. The breadth and width of the Solidea products is incredible and as a global brand they were very attractive to us. However, it was their pregnancy range that was the major attraction. We knew their was a true gap in the market and that many mums were struggling with finding affordable, quality compression garments for both during and after pregnancy. Representing the Solidea range allows us to help mum’s and mum’s to be with a “Hidden Solution“ during this very special time in their life. With Solidea, we are able to do this better than anyone else can and I am very proud of that.

With Solidea there is no half way, Solidea is exceptional in all they do. Solidea is manufactured in Italy within the Solidea exclusive factory. The creation of each and every Solidea line is extremely thorough and the testing and quality control process is rigorous. The complete range offers medical grade graduated or continuous medical compression levels and health professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists , OBGYN’s and vascular surgeons world wide recommend Solidea to their patients. I have worked for other companies representing popular brands and I can honestly say although each had very high standards, none come close to the standard that Solidea hold. Especially within Pregnancy and Recovery, there isn’t another range available with the benefits and features Solidea can provide.

Very! Many of our mums purchase Solidea to assist with a medical issue and it has been proven that medical grade compression can make a big difference. Some other brands offer compression, but not medical grade, Solidea do.

I strongly suggest to all women who are considering a medical compression garment to do their research and to understand what compression rating the garment has. Solidea has our compression rating listed on the packaging to help and assist mums.

I feel so blessed having Solidea and being able to help so many women. When we first launched with Solidea we went with the whole range but we now specialize in the Pregnancy and Recovery ranges because this is where we have made the biggest difference. The way we have educated the market and helped both the medical community and mums understand they can get relief from pregnancy related issues has been so rewarding. The fact is, the benefits’ and features that Solidea are able to offer are unmatched here and due to this the doors are continually opening to us to help thousands of Australian women in need.

I think the biggest thing will be to continue as we are, supporting our customers, accounts and patients in the best way we can. We are about to re-launch and revitalize our website, focusing on stronger pregnancy / recovery related content. We are spending more focus on education, making sure mum’s learn about the benefits of medical compression and we will have a focus on getting our messages out on social media and pregnancy related sites.

Solidea is a unique range which offers many benefits and features that others cannot provide, our mums and mums to be need to be aware of that. We also have some new exciting things happening very soon but you will need to visit our site to see what they are.

Most people would say I was a born sales person, I guess that’s true but I feel what makes me different is I will only sell what I believe in, I’m not about just getting the sale. I will work tirelessly to ensure I deliver what is best for our customers.

I believe in Solidea, its such a good fit for me. I am passionate and driven to help others and by representing Solidea I am able to achieve this.

Running my own business whilst ensuring my three boys all have happy productive lives can be a challenge, but that’s what life is about, getting through challenges and succeeding. My husband and I have recently started foster care, offering respite care for children in need, and whilst it can be heart breaking when you hear some of the kid’s stories, I am finding it very rewarding to give a little back where we can.

Solidea International

Enzo Pinelli, Solidea’s founder, had a clear and simple vision: to create a new line of leg wear and shape wear that combined timeless luxury with modern comfort and – most challenging of all – significant health, wellbeing with beauty benefits and scientific backing.

His dream was to create a brand that captured the Italian fashion spirit, with a traditional emphasis on classical styling and a respect for the well-being of the body. After years of research and development, Solidea was born.

Pinelli began his career in the early 1970’s working for one of the worlds leading companies in the production of circular machinery for weaving stockings. Pinelli started his own leg wear company in Northern Italy in 1976. Enzo Pinelli remains the chairman and chief executive officer, overseeing the design direction and expansion of the Solidea brand.

Designed for Men and Women, Solidea combines style with smarts. The MicroMassage collection creates a toned and smooth appearance. Solidea’s legwear collection is ideal for women on the go who need energizing support. Solidea’s Anti-Cellulite pantyhose and shorts are the only styles that offer “medical grade compression”, which is the strongest available on the market. With many styles to select from, Solidea is designed to make women feel good inside and out.

Enzo Pinelli continues to research, imagine and create through technology and science. The science behind his designs is now covered under several patents. Pinelli’s dedication and attention to detail has made Solidea a strong yet chic brand that has forever changed the face of hosiery.