Solidea undeniably provides the best range of medical compression garments to Australasia.

Manufactured in Italy since 1976, Solidea is sold worldwide.  Premium materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, investment in cutting-edge technology and research and development have enabled Solidea to become the leading supplier of medical compression garments worldwide.  Solidea garments are TGA approved in Australia.

As a Physiotherapist, I am passionate about providing the best care and outcomes for my patients.  I first discovered the Solidea Pregnancy and Recovery range 6 years ago.  In that time I have seen these products help women manage discomfort and stay active during pregnancy and promote healing and recovery after delivery.

Having tried other products I truly believe Solidea offers the best range of Pregnancy and Recovery garments. So when the opportunity to distribute these garments to a wider audience of women arose, how could I say no?

I am also excited to bring new ranges of products to the Australasian market including a Sports range, travel socks and a range of higher grade compression products for lymphoedema.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me through the website.



To be the leading supplier of medical compression products in Australasia.


To enable access to high quality, medical compression garments at an affordable price.


We are committed to:

  • Providing best care and a superior range
  • Continuing competitive prices
  • Creating mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Maintaining professionalism at all times


Undeniably the best choice during Pregnancy and Recovery

Q and A

Solidea is a global company that offers an incredible range of medical compression products. As a Physiotherapist I work with women and men often during challenging times in their lives – during pregnancy and recovery and following surgery or injury.  I love being able to help.  I was fortunate to come across Solidea products a number of years ago and have seen first hand how they have helped my patients – minimising pain and discomfort and positively contributing to recovery.

All Solidea garments are manufactured in a custom built factory in northern Italy.  A focus on research and development, selection of the best raw materials and investment in cutting-edge technology ensures the quality of each Solidea garment.  Robust testing and quality control measures also ensures you are getting exactly what you need – proven medical compression. That’s why doctors, physiotherapists, OBGYN’s and vascular surgeons worldwide recommend Solidea to their patients.

Evidence suggests that compression is very important to encourage healing and recovery.  It is also very effective in the prevention and management of back and pelvic pain.  Solidea’s tested and proven medical compression is therefore very important.  Solidea is the only range of Pregnancy and Recovery garments that have the compression rating on the box.  We know what level of support we are providing!!

As a Physiotherapist I enjoy helping people and improving their quality of life.  I feel lucky to have discovered the Solidea range.  I see it making a difference every day!  Allowing women to continue to exercise during pregnancy and to look after their babies following delivery.  I am passionate about providing the best advice/service that I can, that is unique to the individual.  Solidea’s investment in innovation and technology and quality assurances makes me confident that these garments are the best Pregnancy and Recovery garments available.

Solidea continues to develop new products which will be introduced to the Australasian market.  The new Pregnancy Leggings will be launched shortly.

As the new distributor I will continue to support the existing customers the best I can.  I will use my clinical knowledge and expertise to inform and empower my customers to make the best decisions.

I have launched a new Instagram account (solideapregnancyandrecovery) and revitalised the Facebook page (SolideaAustralia) so make sure you follow us for up-to-date expo information and offers.

Solidea International

Enzo Pinelli, Solidea’s founder, had a clear and simple vision: to create a new line of leg wear and shape wear that combined timeless luxury with modern comfort and – most challenging of all – significant health, wellbeing with beauty benefits and scientific backing.

His dream was to create a brand that captured the Italian fashion spirit, with a traditional emphasis on classical styling and a respect for the well-being of the body. After years of research and development, Solidea was born.

Pinelli began his career in the early 1970’s working for one of the worlds leading companies in the production of circular machinery for weaving stockings. Pinelli started his own leg wear company in Northern Italy in 1976. Enzo Pinelli remains the chairman and chief executive officer, overseeing the design direction and expansion of the Solidea brand.

Designed for Men and Women, Solidea combines style with smarts. The MicroMassage collection creates a toned and smooth appearance. Solidea’s legwear collection is ideal for women on the go who need energizing support. Solidea’s Anti-Cellulite pantyhose and shorts are the only styles that offer “medical grade compression”, which is the strongest available on the market. With many styles to select from, Solidea is designed to make women feel good inside and out.

Enzo Pinelli continues to research, imagine and create through technology and science. The science behind his designs is now covered under several patents. Pinelli’s dedication and attention to detail has made Solidea a strong yet chic brand that has forever changed the face of hosiery.